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Online and face-to-face Speaking & Workshops and author sessions


Rohini offers online and face-to-face workshops and author sessions. Based on her books and experience as a writer and literary translator, she uses stories to explore language, creative writing, mathematics, and translation. 

"As a writer, I tell stories: and I use them in the classroom and outside to teach. Stories bring out the best in us. They stimulate our imaginations, awaken our curiosity, rekindle our wonder in the world around us, and light the creative spark in our souls. Be it language, or literature or mathematics, the lesson we learn through stories stay with us forever."


Fabulous Fables


Online Creative Writing Workshop
For elementary schools

Duration: 45 minutes

The workshop begins with the question ‘What is a fable?’ Rohini encourages the students to examine the elements of a fable, discusses famous and favourite fables, and finally, helps the students create and write their own fable with animal protagonists of their choice.


This interactive workshop has been successfully offered online in schools across the United States and Canada.


Write Me a Story


Online Creative Writing Workshop
For middle and senior schools

Duration: One hour

Beginning with a story trigger, Rohini leads the participants through the process of building and writing a short story. She helps them explore location, setting, characterization, plot, ultimately leading them to create a short story of their own.

This workshop has been successfully offered online to schools across the world, including middle, and high schools in the USA, Canada, Morocco, Nigeria, Ethiopia, and Bahrain.



Exploring Literary Translation


For middle and senior schools, grade 6 and above
Duration: 1 hour 40 minutes

Rohini introduces participants to the world of the literary translation, and invites them to explore the process of translation while working with her to translate a children’s book into English.

 This workshop has been successfully offered to schools in the UK


Mathemagic: The Magic of Numbers


Exploring Numbers Through Story
For elementary schools, grades 2-5
Duration: 45 minutes.

An exploration of numbers, number signs, numbers names and number systems. Working in small groups, students devise their own set of numerals and compare that to our modern numeral set.

 This workshop is supported by Rohini’s Mathemagic books:

Mathemagic 1: Numbers, Numbers Everywhere
Puffin Books, Penguins Books, 2012

Mathemagic 2: The Most Powerful Number of Them All
Puffin Books, Penguin Books, 2013

This workshop has been successfully and extensively offered across primary schools in New Delhi and Calcutta.