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Mathemagic 1: Numbers, Numbers Everywhere

illustrated by

"I am Tzyphyr, the greatest Wizard and Mathemagician of the Universe. You may call me Sir Tzyphyr!" So declared the twins' strange visitor. Tall and thin as a pencil, he wore a flowing, old-fashioned robe and a very cross look on his face. Are you ready for a mathemagical adventure with them?

Sir Tzyphyr is no ordinary Wizard – he knows mathemagic, the spell of numbers. It gives him a power greater than ordinary magic ever could.

With him, the twins Megha and Mehul set off on a series of adventures to explore the fascinating world of numbers. They learn how numbers are used to measure, count and set things in order.

The first book in Puffin's Mathemagic series, it is a delightful introduction to the world of numbers. 

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